SharePoint Best Practices Guidance

If you have been building your solutions using SharePoint even for a little while, you know that there are multiple ways of accomplishing the same goal. SharePoint gives us such a vast array of tools that it is easy to get lost or get confused when trying to decide how to architect your solution.

Being a trainer, I get all sorts of “best practices” questions on a regular basis. Questions such as:

  • How do I use My Sites in an effective manner within my company providing access to some people, but not others. Also, what is the recommended quota for a My Site?
  • I heard that the performance starts degrading after 2000 items have been added to a list (Not true. It’s actually 2000 items per view in a list). How many items should I have in a list?
  • When I try to upload a file, I can’t get anything uploaded past 50MB. Is that the limit? (it’s actually 2GB and its configurable)
  • We have 500 GB worth of documents in our current intranet environment. How do I plan for capacity when I’m porting them over to our new SharePoint environment?

All of these (and many many more) are legit questions that should be asked when you are planning out your deployment and even as you are creating solutions on top of an existing SharePoint environment. Thankfully, Microsoft has created a site now dedicated specifically to compiling these best practices in one location. Here is the address to the site:

Definitely worth checking out this site and bookmarking it. Enjoy!