Professional SharePoint Designer book – Table of Contents

Following will be the Table of Contents for the SharePoint Designer book (currently due to come out by Dec 31, 2008).

Disclaimer: As with any pre-release book, changes to the TOC are possible.


Part I, “The Basics”

Provides an overview of SharePoint Designer, SharePoint technology, and their relationship to one another.

Chapter 1: Exploring SharePoint Designer

Chapter 2: SharePoint from the User’s Perspective

Chapter 3: SharePoint from the Administrator’s Perspective

Chapter 4: SharePoint from a SharePoint Designer’s Perspective


Part II, “Customizing the SharePoint Look and Feel”

Shows how to use SharePoint Designer to customize various aspects of your sites.

Chapter 5: The Anatomy of a SharePoint Page

Chapter 6: Using SharePoint’s CSS Editing Tools

Chapter 7: The Anatomy of a Theme

Chapter 8: Publishing Master Pages and Layouts


Part III, “Applications without Programming”

Shows how SharePoint Designer can create many powerful applications that in the past would have required considerable programming effort.

Chapter 9: Building Your Own Workflows

Chapter 10: Working with SharePoint Data

Chapter 11: Advanced Data Access: External Data and More

Chapter 12: Working with Forms


Part IV, “Programming on the Client Side”

Demonstrates some tools provided by SharePoint and SharePoint Designer to enable even more custom interactivity.

Chapter 13: The Content Editor Web Part

Chapter 14: The SharePoint Client-side Object Model


Part V, “Beyond SharePoint Designer”

Takes you far past the built-in capabilities of SharePoint Designer with extensions, add-ins, migration, and conversion tools.

Chapter 15: Creating Workflow Elements in Visual Studio

Chapter 16: Custom Web Parts

Chapter 17: SharePoint Designer Add-ins

Chapter 18: A Little Administration


Appendix A: A Brief History of SharePoint and SharePoint Designer