Recycle Bin for Deleted Sites

“Do the sites that I delete go into a Recycle Bin as well?” I have heard that question enough times now that it prompted me to make a screencast (link listed at the bottom) about just that. The answer by the way is No. While deleted items from lists and libraries and even deleted lists and libraries themselves end up in SharePoint’s recycle bin, deleted sites do not go to the recycle bin. They’re just… well Gone… deleted from the database completely.

Not to worry, there’s still hope. Microsoft’s internal IT team came up with a solution to this and created a mechanism to backup any site just before it’s deleted. They have made this solution freely available online at (location shown in picture below)

If you implement the solution properly, the whole process happens automatically and is hidden from the user’s perspective. After the site is archived and deleted, the administrator for the site gets an alert telling her that the site has been deleted and archived.


Checking in Multiple Documents

The Check In/Out functionality is pretty awesome in SharePoint document management, but isn’t it a pain to have to check in each document separately if, let’s say, as an Admin you have just migrated 100 documents in a document library and they all appear to be in a checked out state?

I get this question asked a lot: Can you check in multiple documents at once? The answer is Yes you can! It is done using the “Site Content and Structure” page (see pic below) which is only available in MOSS Standard or above.