SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek Videos

Wanna get a sneak peek at what Microsoft SharePoint 2010 looks like? You can check out the new features in the videos on this page at Microsoft’s SharePoint site. There are 3 videos out there: Overview, IT Pro and Developer focused. Keep in mind that you will need Silverlight in order to watch these videos so please download it first if you don’t have it installed already.

Since I’m not a developer anymore, my focus was more so on watching the Overview and the IT Pro videos. Here are a few things to look out for which are discussed in the videos:

Tom Rizzo’s Overview video

  • SharePoint Designer’s new UI and the enhanced capabilities (my favorite of course :-))
  • Visio Server integration
  • SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove)
  • Editing content directly and easily on web pages
  • Silverlight web part
  • Multiple browser support
  • The new BDC (now called Business Connectivity Services)

Richard Riley’s IT Pro video

  • The new and easy to use look of SharePoint’s Central Administration
  • SharePoint Best Practices Analyzer
  • Support and guidance for working with large Lists
  • Usage Reporting
  • How Visual Upgrade will work

I don’t know about you, but I’m Super Excited about the new version of SharePoint. As soon as I am allowed to (which is most probably late October), I will be posting Lots of screencasts on the website to show you the new functionality in SharePoint 2010. Stay tuned…


Andrew Connell in Indy for a WCM Presentation

My good friend Andrew Connell is coming to present at the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana (SPIN). Andrew is a very dynamic speaker. It’s always fun and very informative listening to him speak. If you can make it to this event, it is sure to be very beneficial. Check out the details of this event in Rob’s blog post here:

The registration url is:

Here’s a quick abstract of the session that AC will be conducting:

Performance should be one of the top areas of focus on everyone’s mind when embarking on a Internet facing Microsoft Office Server 2007 site. In this session we’ll look at the built-in caching capabilities in the SharePoint platform, including disk-based and page output caching. In addition we’ll take a look at various hot-button issues developers should be aware of when developing components for a public site built on MOSS 2007. Topics include object model techniques, how to properly manage memory in order to avoid the dreaded OutOfMemory exception, key sizing numbers to keep in mind when architecting your implementation and minimizing the page payload to speed up those page load times. After this session, you’ll be armed with the power to create high performance and scalable solutions in MOSS 2007!