SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users

The lack of end user adoption is one of the main reasons that most SharePoint projects fail. That is a fact! If the end user working with SharePoint has a ‘cheat sheet’ that they can look through for the common tasks that they need to accomplish in SharePoint, it would increase their comfort level tremendously.

This is exactly what the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users, written by SharePoint MVP Robert Bogue, offers. A quick and easy reference for the most common end user tasks within SharePoint. It’s definitely worth checking out to see how this can help your organization.


Free Webinar Recordings and Guest Videos

At, we have always maintained a page which shows about a dozen of our videos for free. Now, in addition to that, we have also opened up recordings of all our previous webinars on the same page as well. Also, we have a couple of guest videos posted there. The first one is from Raymond Mitchell – a prominent SharePoint guru and a speaker at SharePoint conferences. Raymond presents how you can customize search results using XSLT. The second one is from Lee Reed – a frequent speaker at SharePoint Saturdays around the country, Lee is focused on assisting companies to leverage their technology investments. Lee presents how you can enable anonymous access on your SharePoint sites. You’ll find both of these under the ‘free videos’ tab on the site.


Free Webinar on creating Workflows using Visio and SharePoint Designer

Skill level: 200 (Intermediate)
Audience: Business Analysts, Site Administrators, Developers

SharePoint 2010 comes with the ability for creating workflows without programming using Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010. This is a Giant step towards being able to easily visualize and work with your workflows using these products. So what can and can’t you do using these products? What are the best practices when working with them? This session will cover these questions. Also, what if you need to be able to do more with workflows without programming and these products are not enough? We’ll look at additional options in the market as well.

In addition, we will set aside the last 15 minutes to answer your questions.

Register here:


Video on using Developer Dashboard to analyze SharePoint page performance

A feature in SharePoint 2010 called Developer Dashboard lets you analyze performance of your SharePoint pages. It is not only useful for developers, as the name suggests, but can also be used by IT professionals and site administrators to monitor how their site is performing and analyze for bottlenecks.

*Applies to SharePoint 2010

Watch the video on Developer Dashboard that explains this functionality.

This video is available for free until 9/6/2010 then it will be returned to subscribers only area.