Access 2010 and SharePoint 2010 using Access Services–video tutorials DVD

Access Services is a new feature built into SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition that supports close integration with Access 2010. By combining the power of SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010, the end user enjoys a fully integrated business solution that has never been available before, all without having to do any programming.

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Note: Just in case there is any confusion – this is a DVD to be played on a computer and not your DVD player.

Access 2010 enables users to quickly develop Web based applications using the easy to use Access 2010 development design surface to create interactive and dynamic web databases, forms, reports, queries and macros. Once published to SharePoint 2010, running Access Services:

  • The application is stored and synchronized on a SharePoint sub-site which provides the end user with a no-install solution and ability to collaborate with anyone having access to the site from anywhere in the world.
  • Users can run the application using only a web browser or on a PC with Access 2010 client. When users choose to open published applications in the Access 2010 client, the user can seamlessly work offline and automatically synchronize when reconnected.
  • Utilizes the SharePoint user identity and security permissions that can limit some users from being able to modify, delete, or create objects in a site, while still allowing them to run the application.
  • Allows the IT department to manage the data and application objects just as they do with other SharePoint Enterprise sites, to assure availability and backups

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This DVD explains the key benefits and architecture of this new level of integration, and it provides the technical details of how to build a complete custom web application using the many built-in tools available within Access 2010. And once published to a SharePoint site, learn how to enhance the completed application with other SharePoint built-in features such as document libraries and many other capabilities.

DVD Overview

Key Technologies

  1. Microsoft Access 2010 client application
  2. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Version –Access Services

Following are the Titles and Abstracts of videos from the DVD –

Introduction to Access Services

In this video, you will get an overview of Access Services using SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010. You will learn how and why the new Access Web Databases can be integrated with SharePoint 2010 to create Web compatible Applications. 

How to Create Web Database Tables

Create a new Web Database Table manually and by using two new features call Data Type Parts and Application Parts. You will be introduced to some of the key differences between Access 2010 Rich Client and Web Databases design environment.

Modify Tables and Validation

Learn techniques in modifying tables in layout view and when and how to create Calculated Fields, Lookup Wizard and Field Validation.

Introduction to Data Macros using Before Events

This is an introduction to the new Data Macro feature which replaces the need to write Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code. Learn common techniques, such as, trigger actions when a record is added, changed, wherever the change is made within the application.

After Event Data Macros

After Event Data Macros have additional actions available to execute more complex data operations.

Using Named Data Macros

Named Data Macros offers the flexibility to build some very complex business solutions without having to write any VBA code.

Building Custom Web Database Forms

In this session, you will learn several methods of creating forms that are bound directly to a data source, such as a table or query. 

User Interface Macros & Controls

Forms are the primary interface between the user and your Web Application. In this video some of the most common controls will be used when creating custom forms compatible with a Web Database.


This session explores a new type of control in Access 2010, called a Navigation Control. These set of controls are used to build Navigation Forms that provide the end user with an easy to use intuitive interface to navigate to the various forms and reports within the web application.

Building  Custom Reports

Reports are the main way to review or print data from your web database. They provide the end user with great flexibility to view, print and export data using only a Web Browser.

Publishing Web Applications to SharePoint Access Services

Publishing a Web Application to an Access Services SharePoint site is a one click step. Or is it? Learn about the process of publishing and some hints on what to do if things don’t happen as expected.

Leveraging SharePoint when using Access Services

SharePoint has a number of built-in rich features that are enhanced when incorporated into an Access Services Web Application.

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Reporting Services using SharePoint 2010 and Report Builder 3.0 – video tutorials DVD

A common challenge for most businesses today is to convert raw data into meaningful information.  Data is often stored in a number of different systems and the management of consolidated reports can be very complicated and time consuming.

The introduction of Reporting Services 2008 R2 using the SharePoint 2010 add-in with the free Report Builder 3.0 authoring tool provides an excellent and easy to use “No Programming” solution for your business reporting needs.

The Reporting Services and Report Builder with SharePoint 2010 DVD  demonstrates the essentials of building the next-generation of meaningful, interactive, flexible reports that are easily managed and rendered in your SharePoint 2010 environment. The topics covered provide you with the essential skills required to unlock your data and facilitate sharing valuable information with your end-users.

Note: Just in case there is any confusion – this is a DVD to be played on a computer and not your DVD player.

You can use the following coupon code to get 10% off the price of the single user license DVD: SPVideos10.

Some of the key topics include:

  • Setting up your Reporting Environment
  • Basic Design Concepts Including Reusable Data Sources and Data Sets
  • Building Reusable Report Parts to Facilitate Assembling New Reports
  • Introduction to the New Tablix Data Regions
  • Using Sparklines and Databars to Display Small Trend Charts within Existing Reports
  • Leverage Gauges and Indicators to Effectively Visualize Trends
  • Use Report Parameters and Expressions to Build Flexible and End-user Interactive Reports
  • Create Drill-Down, Drill-Through and Sub-reports to Give the End-user Additional Detailed Information
  • Visualize Data using Report Charts
  • Use Report Maps to Display Your Business Data on a Geographical Background
  • Plus more ..

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Fab 40 Application Templates for SharePoint 2010

In the SharePoint 2007 days, Microsoft published 40 SharePoint ‘Applications’ (basically templates and site definitions) that can be utilized for a variety of purposes:

  • Board of Directors meeting site
  • Vacation Scheduling
  • Classroom Management
  • and a whole lot more..

Many companies ended up using these templates for their needs. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to not upgrade these templates for SharePoint 2010. However… Khalil from TechSol decided to upgrade them himself. The upgraded application templates can be found here: