presence at SharePoint Conference 2011

SharePoint turns 10 years old. Are you coming to celebrate at the SharePoint Conference?

SharePoint Conference (SPC) has been taking place every couple of years. This year’s conference officially kicks off on October 3rd. Are you going to be there?

At SPC 2009, I remember hearing that about 8,000 attendees were present (not counting the vendors and staff). This year’s show seems to be garnering similar type of attention and they’re looking forward to a Huge turnout again! [or maybe it’s partially because of the proximity to Disneyland ;-)]. Aside from the abundance of knowledge transfer that undoubtedly will take place during the breakout sessions at the conference, there are some really nice activities planned for the attendees. (SPVideos) is planning to have a good presence at the conference including the following:

  • Every conference attendee will find an informational flyer with our information and offering in their conference bags
  • We’ll be bringing 500 video tutorial DVDs (shown below) to be passed out at the conference. The videos cover several topics covered on the video tutorial DVDs we have on the site. If you would like a copy, we’ll have them available at the Wrox Publishing booth. I will also be personally passing out many of them during my sessions at SPC .
  • I’ll be available at either of the following booths: Critical Path Training, Microsoft Composites, Microsoft SharePoint Online. Come on by for a chat if you have time.

DVD we are passing out at SPC –



Front cover Back cover


Hope to see you there!


My sessions at the SharePoint Conference

Looking forward to the upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Conference next week! I’ll be presenting the following sessions there:

SPC239 – InfoPath + SharePoint Designer + Office 365 = Forms in the Cloud!

Forms are used everywhere in SharePoint Online: Form Libraries, Document Libraries, Lists, Workflows and more. You can use these forms to create great looking layouts, implement conditional formatting and retrieve data from a variety of sources. Come see this session to learn the best ways to use InfoPath generated forms in the cloud. This session will demonstrate the similarities and differences between  InfoPath forms within SharePoint Online as compared to SharePoint on-premises. .

Start time: 10/4/2011  9:00:00 AM


SPC272  – SharePoint Designer 2010- A Tool for End Users?

"My IT department says we are not allowed to use SharePoint Designer."  This phrase is fairly common when the topic of SharePoint Designer comes up in a training, conference setting or a consulting engagement. IT departments have concerns around deploying SharePoint Designer to end users. This session provides real world use cases and guidance that covers when it is safe to let your site administrators use SharePoint Designer 2010 (and also when it’s not safe). In addition, we will discuss the different level of privileges that should be granted to different groups of people in your organization.

Start time: 10/5/2011  9:00:00 AM


Make your data come alive: 3 creative ways to visualize your data

A short 20 minutes session discussing 3 different ways to make your data come alive:

  1. Make Chart web part your friend and chart List, Library, BCS and other types of data using just the browser
  2. Use Excel Services to publish your existing Charts and Graphs from your Excel spreadsheets
  3. Conditionally format your data using List and Data View web parts – using SharePoint Designer 2010

Start Time: 10/5/2011  12:00:00 PM


Setting up Site Collection Administrators

The tip that I would like to share with you today is regarding Setting up Site Collection Administrators. Here’s a video you can watch on how to make it happen and explaining the authority of site collection admins.

For some of you, this information might not be that useful since you do this stuff day in and day out as SharePoint server admins. However, my hope is that everyone gets some new information out of it.

Being a site collection administrator is a super important role in organizations. You are not the SharePoint server admin with all the powers over the server, but neither are you a subsite owner or end user. This means that you are probably what I refer to as a Power User. An extremely important role within governing and administering SharePoint sites.

One of the misunderstandings that I have seen people have is that if you are a top level site owner in a site collection, you must be a site collection owner as well. Not true. A site owner (or sometimes refer to as subsite owner) has admin privileges on a site (which very well could be the top level site), but if you go to the Site Settings page and don’t see ‘Site Collection Administration’ section, you are not the site collection administrator.

In my personal opinion, all SharePoint server admins should be very careful whom they appoint as the site collection admins since that’s a pretty heavy responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You cannot take this person’s rights away from seeing All of the information in the site collection. The site owner might go ahead and remove all security groups from a site, but this person will still have access to all data (and that’s a feature by the way, not a bug :-)).

Check out the video on setting up site collection administrators to see how it’s done in action and some tips, tricks and best practices along the way.


Critical Path Training @ SharePoint Conference 2011

Repost from AC’s blog: Next week brings the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 in CA. The instructors at Critical Path Training will be in full force as we’re presenting over 14 sessions all week.


We are also giving away over 120 SharePoint books at our booth with hourly book drawings and eight book signings throughout the week!!!

But wait, that’s not all… we’re also giving away over $25,000 in SharePoint training to lucky winners throughout the week.

Where can you get more info? Check out our October community page on our website:

Looking forward to seeing everyone… make sure you come to the ESPNZone on Wednesday night for SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night!


SharePoint 2010 Posters / Technical Diagrams

Have you seen the SharePoint 2010 posters by Microsoft? They are especially helpful if you are in one of the following roles:

  • SharePoint Administrator
  • SharePoint Developer
  • SharePoint Governance Guru (or a Governance team member)
  • A Business User (asked/forced to act like a SharePoint Expert in the company)
  • “The SharePoint Guy/Gal” at your company

Imagine having a bunch of reference charts you can put up in your office or cubicle that guide you with a specific need or role like Governance, Services available in SharePoint, Authentication models, Farm Topologies, Search mechanisms, SharePoint Databases and more. Of course, they are all available from Microsoft at no-cost.

Here they are:

These are a result of Microsoft folks like my good friends Dan Evers, Tom Werner, Cathy Brennan, Susan Potter and their teams who are determined to boost SharePoint adoption in organizations around the world. Great job all and keep up the great work. We all appreciate it very much!!