SharePoint Resources on the web

Over time, I have been gathering links to various SharePoint resources on the web. I usually share it my students. I’m listing them below. Hope it helps some people out there.

SharePoint explained very nicely and simply in this video

SharePoint in plain English


Microsoft’s main SharePoint related beginner sites

Check out the main SharePoint Website from Microsoft.

Then check out some success stories shared by Microsoft at Discover SharePoint.


Ramp up on SharePoint

To get started on SharePoint, you might want to take some formal SharePoint training. There is really no substitute for hands on training if you can afford the time and expense. I would recommend looking at the available classes here:

Can’t travel or need on-demand training? I would recommended to start with this jump start page and watch some beginner video tutorials:

Check out the EndUserSharePoint site for Lots of great articles produced by the SharePoint community:


SharePoint environment for practice

To try out scenarios, create prototypes and demos, use the completely pre-built SharePoint environment created using CloudShare: Here are some visuals on exactly what’s in this cloud-based virtual machine:


Deploy the whole virtual machine in your own environment (if you have the hardware available). These are independently created by individuals in the SharePoint community and not officially supported by Microsoft:

SharePoint on-demand support

When working with SharePoint, you will have questions that you just want to go and ask someone. The best place to ask those questions is the SharePoint Forums: Microsoft employees and MVPs are often in the forums answering questions.

You can also find on-demand video tutorials on for quick show-and-tell. Also, additional tutorials available on Microsoft’s Channel 9 site:

If you need immediate help with a project, look into hourly SharePoint remote consulting/mentoring:

Become part of the Bamboo Solutions community:

Consider picking up some SharePoint books as well:


SharePoint Certifications

There are a few certifications that exist for SharePoint as well. These will give you the credibility you need in your role. You can find them here:


Customer Reviews for SharePoint Vendors

It’s hard to decide which SharePoint vendor to go with when it comes to SharePoint consulting, training, products and other services. Check out the SharePoint Reviews site:


SharePoint Conferences

Attending a SharePoint conference is a great way to really dive into it all. Check out this blog entry for info on regularly held SharePoint related conferences: (more have popped up since this blog entry)


My SharePoint Conference 2012 session on Composite Solutions

Title: Build SharePoint 2013 Composite Solutions – all you need is a Browser!

Abstract: The possibilities are limitless when building SharePoint solutions using just the internet browser. The simple and intuitive interface makes it very easy to create robust applications. In this session, you will learn how to use the SharePoint 2013 framework of lists, libraries, pages, web parts and even apps to build powerful SharePoint solutions.

Time Slot: Thursday, November 15, 2012 -  12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

Room: Jasmine ABEF

Session Code: SPC027


As always, my hope is going to be to show you as much as possible using demonstration. I have never been a big fan of PowerPoint Smile


Book Released – SharePoint 2013 First Look for Power Users

My book titled SharePoint 2013 – First Look for Power Users was released this Monday (10/15/2012). Great to see it finally in production. Currently, it’s available at the publisher’s site:

Hopefully, soon it will start showing up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple bookstores as well.

This book is designed to be a practical guide to jump start the reader’s learning about the specifics of SharePoint 2013. The focus is on Team Sites and MySite – not Publishing Sites – and specifically the visual elements of the sites. The book is filled with images and embedded videos to give the reader a complete visual understanding of what to look for in the new release and how each area operates.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of SharePoint 2013 Team Site
  • Security access management
  • Branding sites using Themes
  • Understanding SharePoint Apps
  • Managing documents in Team Sites and MySite
  • List management
  • Searching within site collection
  • Social features of SharePoint 2013

This is an enhanced eBook and will work best on eReaders with image viewing and video watching capabilities.

This book’s target audience is the Power User of SharePoint. In my opinion, a Power User is more advanced and empowered than an end user, but is not a hardcore developer or an IT administrator. Having said that, end users, developers and IT professionals can also greatly benefit from the knowledge in this book to prepare themselves for what’s coming in the next version of SharePoint. Here’s the link again for the book:

Bonus material

Purchase of this book entitles the purchaser to 1 free month of access to all of the video tutorials (covering SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007) at the site. Please email with the proof of purchase and you will be setup with your free 1 month access to the site.