Microsoft Cloud Show

A couple of the biggest names in the SharePoint community have recently started up a new initiative called the Microsoft Cloud Show.

Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson have been around in the SharePoint community for a Really long time now and are very well respected in the community. It’s great to see them start up an initiative like this to keep the community informed regarding the whole Microsoft cloud direction – something that many people and organizations are still trying to get a good grasp on.

The video below provides a quick intro of the show. Check it out.



Online Class – Building SharePoint 2013 Apps – on Nov 12, 2013

SharePoint MVP Yaroslav Pentsarskyy will be teaching the Apps class on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 titled:

Building Robust SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps for productivity and profit

This is promising to be an Awesome class to teach developers how to build SharePoint 2013 Apps and sell them through the SharePoint App store.

Topics covered are:

  • SharePoint 2013 Apps development model
  • Tools, environment and deployment options for Apps
  • Main components of SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps
  • Deploying lists and libraries with Apps
  • Migrating your web parts as Apps
  • Submitting your App in SharePoint 2013 App store
  • and much more…


Also, a bunch of pre-built App projects will be given away by Yaroslav:

  • List Provisioning App
  • Image Slider App
  • Extended Images Slider App
  • App Branding Project


Check out the quick video below which talks further about what the class will cover.