SPTechCon coming to San Francisco on Apr 22-25, 2014

I have been going to, and mostly speaking at, SPTechCon‘s for a bunch of years now and I have to stay that I’m pretty biased towards the conference. Aside from Microsoft’s own SharePoint Conference, this is definitely the biggest conference attracting the best speaker talent from across the world.

A few weeks ago, I made a quick walkthrough of the SPTechCon site and highlighted a few things. If interested, check it out:


The question of ‘why SPTechCon when it’s so close to SPC’ has come up more than once in my conversations as well. Ted Bahr from SPTechCon explains it brilliantly here and I agree with him:


You can still regsister by Feb 7 and get $500 off your full conference pass PLUS a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Use code ‘AMZGIFT‘ and sign up today.

PS. I believe if you use my last name REHMANI as a code, you might be able to get an additional $100 off. Not completely sure about this, but if you do try it and succeed, let me know 😉