Asif’s interview with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice




SPTechCon is just 2 months away, but the excitement has already started building…

In this interview, Clark Buckner from TechnologyAdvice and Asif Rehmani from talk “SharePoint”…and discuss the exciting things to come at the upcoming SPTechCon.

Buckner and Rehmani talk about how things have shifted within SharePoint over the past decade. They talk about where SharePoint is today, and what we can expect of SharePoint in the future. They speak about current challenges and opportunities.

One specific challenge they discuss is the lack of “help” and guidance currently provided within the SharePoint platform. And, because SharePoint provides so many opportunities, it can actually become mind-boggling for end users…people tend to wander and it becomes difficult for users to really understand what to do, and how to do it “right”. tries to solve this problem with their signature product, VisualSP which provides in-context “help” delivered via the SharePoint ribbon.

The also talk about what attendees can expect from the SPTechCon show and why would one want to attend.

Rehmani states, “At SPTechCon you are swimming in the ocean of SharePoint with the folks who are using it, the folks who are writing about it, and the folks who are developing it…Being in that ocean and drinking from this pool of resources is amazing. I get that feeling every time I attend SPTechCon and that’s why I continue to do it”

Listen to the full interview:

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