In SharePoint Designer 2010, conditional formatting is one of those ‘got to know’ features that you should get familiar with. Back in SPD 2007, you could apply conditional formatting only to XSLT Data View web parts. However, now that all of the List View web parts are XSLT enabled, you can apply the same type of conditional criteria to format your data to any list or library view data. Not just formatting, but you can also conditionally show or hide your data. Want to see it in action? Watch the following video (available for free for a limited time):

Create List View pages with conditionally formatted data

update: this video is no longer available as a free video

This video shows how to conditionally format information in a List View page using the XSLT List View web part. The scenario starts off by importing information from a spreadsheet to make a list. Then a new List View page is created on the list which automatically comes with the XSLT List View web part showing the information in the list. Conditional Formatting is then used to highlight some content and also hide other content based on certain conditions.

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