The point of this post is to offer you thoughts on how you can gain SharePoint experience and eventually land a SharePoint related job hopefully. This post does not dive into gaining SharePoint knowledge. Check out the other post on SharePoint resources on the web for ideas on learning SharePoint online.

  1. Find out if a local non-profit organization in your area is starting with SharePoint. Help them out at a low salary or volunteer for free
  2. Become part of SharePoint User Groups in your area. Offer to help out and become more active in learning and even presenting your knowledge. Network with folks there to help connect you with companies in need of a SharePoint Admin or Developer. Personal recommendations can do wonders
  3. Register yourself with eLance and (or something similar) where you can offer your services. Since you have the knowledge, you should be able to offer certain services to companies who are in immediate need. This will definitely help you building your portfolio
  4. Look out for SharePoint Saturday events and attend them. They are free and great for networking. Even consider applying to present at an event. They are always looking for fresh faces to present
  5. Build up your LinkedIn profile and start connecting with more and more people. Even if they are not in the SharePoint space, they might know someone who has the need for a SharePoint ‘guy/gal’
  6. Write Blog posts on what you have learned and discovered. Post to a well-known entity that provides opportunities for everyone to post such as to maximize your exposure
  7. Get a CloudShare environment to practice and build your solutions on SharePoint. Making your whole environment from scratch for personal use could cost thousands of dollars. Instead, get a CloudShare account which provides you access to the pre-built virtual machine running all the software you need

If you have more ideas to offer, make a comment on this post. I’ll add them to the list above as well.

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