The list of our 105 SharePoint end user tutorials.

Why SharePoint Fails

If you do a search on the internet for ‘SharePoint Fail’, ‘SharePoint Problem’ or anything similar to that, you will find the various reasons why SharePoint deployments fail to take hold in organizations. Consider this article from CMS Wire for example. It points out the top 10 reasons why SharePoint projects fail. Some of the reasons pointed out are:

  • Not knowing what SharePoint is
  • Lack of information and knowledge management skills
  • User adoption

I completely agree with these reasons. What about you? How are things going in your organization? Any of these sound familiar?

The SharePoint End User Mentality

In my work, I get to interact with a variety of users – including end users. It is a sad fact, but very true, that I see a Lot of end users frustrated with SharePoint. They see this as something that has been imposed on them and they don’t want anything to do with it. When they come across tasks that they are asked to do, they do either one of the following (usually in this order):

  1. Ask a co-worker for help
  2. Call/email the help desk if one exists
  3. Do the task with the best of their ability and understanding – which usually turns out to be anti ‘best practice’ in SharePoint. The results usually surface up only when it’s time to upgrade the environment to the next version
  4. Find a workaround that does not involve SharePoint
  5. Ignore the task completely

On the flip side (yes, there is a brighter side to the story :-)), I have definitely talked to many end users that love SharePoint. They see this product for how it is intended to be seen from an end user’s perspective: a place to go to find company information, share documents, assign or work on assigned tasks, view team calendars, upload pictures of company events etc. They love it because they didn’t have any other tool before which gave them such power and freedom to do things.

What SharePoint End Users Absolutely Need!

End user empowerment drives end user adoption. It’s a well known fact for any product and it’s not any different in the ‘SharePoint world’. The way to empower SharePoint end users is to provide them a place they can go to see for themselves how things are done – the right way! It’s like having the IT person right beside you showing you how to do a task. If you are saying to yourself “Not my end users. They will still end up calling IT for help on every small thing”, your end users may surprise you if you guide them properly. I have seen it and it can be done!

How We Can Help

Check out the list of 105 end user videos on our site. Many of them are free to watch for now so check them out. Each is 2 mins or less and has visual text and cues on screen.They are short enough and easy to digest by end users. Each video is very focused and to the point.

We provide you all of the videos on a DVD or as a download with the guidance document on how to deploy it to your SharePoint site collection as a subsite. The total deployment process takes about 20 minutes. I would suggest watching the video  to see how the deployed solution would look in your SharePoint environment.

Interested to talk further? Contact us electronically or feel free to call our VP of business development Michael Blonder at +1 630-786-7026. We can walk you through the solution to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

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