A written article can only convey so much information. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words. Building on that saying, my belief is that a video is worth a thousand images. At http://www.SharePoint-Videos.com, we have 174 videos so far (and more being added every week) which total up into dozens of hours of video tutorial based training.

Since our videos are task based (about 8 – 12 minutes for each video), we needed a way to tie the videos together to have it flow like an article. In addition, we also needed a Wikipedia style way of linking the articles together. So we have decided to combine the story telling power of articles with our videos. Each article has links embedded within it to relevant videos. Also, when appropriate, articles refer to other available articles much like Wikipedia does. We call these Video Articles (or v-Articles). To see an example of how a video article works, check out the ones already available on the Video Categories page. More will be coming soon.

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