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Working with SharePoint Security Groups

The built in SharePoint security groups are explored in this video – Owners, Members, Visitors and Viewers. It is shown how the user experience changes when you add them to one or more of these groups. Also, some best practice guidance is provided to help you get started with these groups.

Edit List and Library content in Datasheet view

The datasheet view provides an Excel/Access type of spreadsheet view which you can use to modify list or library data. You can use this view to quickly modify items or copy and paste items in the list/library. Also, you can modify this view as you need by resizing or moving around the columns as you would do in Excel/Access.

Modifying the Top Link Bar

The top link bar of a site can be customized to your needs. By default, it shows any subsites that the site has, but you can also customize it to show other SharePoint content or even external content. Watch this video to see a demonstration of all the available options.

Change Links in Quick Launch navigation

The links on the left hand navigation (also referred to as the Quick Launch bar) can be changed in a few different ways. You can link to items internal and external to your site from the Quick Launch bar. This video goes in detail to discuss the different options that you have. Also, the option of seeing your site items in a Tree View control is demonstrated as well.

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