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  • Utilize Content Types to define and organize your content

    Organizations create multiple types of content. For example, in any business, you have expense reports and status reports that need to be filled out by employees. In other organizations, you might have legal contracts, marketing proposals and more. You can get a handle on all this type of content and organize and manage it throughout your organization, utilizing content types in SharePoint.

  • Utilizing Site Columns

    Site columns are reusable column definitions. They are template of columns which are defined at the site level as opposed to list columns which are created one at a time to be used in a list or library. Watch this video to learn why you would want to use site columns and how exactly to utilize them.

  • Enforce Column Relationship in Lookup Columns

    Lookup columns offer the capability to enforce column relationships and referential integrity. Two types of relationship behavior can be set: Restrict Delete or Cascade Delete. Both of these settings and their impacts are demonstrated in this video.

  • Configuring Lookup Columns

    Lookup column is a very powerful type of column that can be used in any list or library to get information from another list or library on the site. This functionality can be used to centralize and protect your information (for example list of your Customers) and then do a lookup to it from various lists and libraries. This video goes more in depth to show how you can allow multiple values to be selected or enforce unique values in the lookup column.

  • Working with List and Library Columns

    When working with a list or library, you want to first make sure that you have the columns configured properly. There are many types of columns that you can create. This video shows how you can create new list/library columns and use that information to filter the data in a list or library.

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