A common challenge for most businesses today is to convert raw data into meaningful information.  Data is often stored in a number of different systems and the management of consolidated reports can be very complicated and time consuming.

The introduction of Reporting Services 2008 R2 using the SharePoint 2010 add-in with the free Report Builder 3.0 authoring tool provides an excellent and easy to use “No Programming” solution for your business reporting needs.

The Reporting Services and Report Builder with SharePoint 2010 DVD  demonstrates the essentials of building the next-generation of meaningful, interactive, flexible reports that are easily managed and rendered in your SharePoint 2010 environment. The topics covered provide you with the essential skills required to unlock your data and facilitate sharing valuable information with your end-users.

Note: Just in case there is any confusion – this is a DVD to be played on a computer and not your DVD player.

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Some of the key topics include:

  • Setting up your Reporting Environment
  • Basic Design Concepts Including Reusable Data Sources and Data Sets
  • Building Reusable Report Parts to Facilitate Assembling New Reports
  • Introduction to the New Tablix Data Regions
  • Using Sparklines and Databars to Display Small Trend Charts within Existing Reports
  • Leverage Gauges and Indicators to Effectively Visualize Trends
  • Use Report Parameters and Expressions to Build Flexible and End-user Interactive Reports
  • Create Drill-Down, Drill-Through and Sub-reports to Give the End-user Additional Detailed Information
  • Visualize Data using Report Charts
  • Use Report Maps to Display Your Business Data on a Geographical Background
  • Plus more ..

So go ahead and check out the Reporting Services DVD. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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