Have you seen the SharePoint 2010 posters by Microsoft? They are especially helpful if you are in one of the following roles:

  • SharePoint Administrator
  • SharePoint Developer
  • SharePoint Governance Guru (or a Governance team member)
  • A Business User (asked/forced to act like a SharePoint Expert in the company)
  • “The SharePoint Guy/Gal” at your company

Imagine having a bunch of reference charts you can put up in your office or cubicle that guide you with a specific need or role like Governance, Services available in SharePoint, Authentication models, Farm Topologies, Search mechanisms, SharePoint Databases and more. Of course, they are all available from Microsoft at no-cost.

Here they are:


These are a result of Microsoft folks like my good friends Dan Evers, Tom Werner, Cathy Brennan, Susan Potter and their teams who are determined to boost SharePoint adoption in organizations around the world. Great job all and keep up the great work. We all appreciate it very much!!

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