Hard to believe that it’s only a few days remaining until SPC 2014. Wow! Thought I would take a few moments to blog about my session here.

For the past decade now, I have been very passionate about SharePoint and specifically the no-code solution building opportunities within SharePoint. It is so often that I see people doing stuff the ‘hard way’ with code that someone then will have to manage through the rest of its life-cycle. Why go through that trouble if you can get it done with the same results without code?

That’s what my session at SPC 2014 is all about (http://www.sharepointconference.com/content/sessions/SPC285). I’m doing it in tandem with Mark Gillis of Microsoft, a writer who is also very passionate about the no-code solutions story in SharePoint. The session is on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 in Lando room 4201-4303.

The speakers were asked to do a quick video to describe what they will be presenting. Mine is below if you care to watch it:

As a ‘dress rehearsal’, Mark and I did a webinar on the topic last week the recording of which is available below. We will be talking about these subject areas and more during our session. Come on by if interested!

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