The SharePoint 2010 Branding video tutorials DVD is set to be released on Aug 10th. We are currently taking pre-release orders and offering a discount of $20 on all orders before it’s released. This DVD is packed full of demonstrations on what You need to know before proceeding with your SharePoint branding endeavors. Check out these couple of videos that will be on the DVD among many more:

Modifying the Look and Feel of Site Pages

Using Third Party Controls for Site Branding

The content on this DVD is authored by SharePoint Branding Expert and Microsoft SharePoint MVP Yaroslav Pentsarskyy –

Total original price for the DVD (including shipping) will be $195. During the pre-release period, the price is set to $175. The DVD is set to release officially on Aug 10th and will start shipping that day. You can use the following link to make the purchase at the pre-release price:

Want to know what’s on the DVD? Following is the table of contents. Each video tutorial is fully narrated by Yaroslav and full of many demonstrations of the functionality.

Creating basic SharePoint 2010 themes
Out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 site doesn’t have to look plain and with a default color scheme. Learn how you can apply more compelling look and feel to an existing SharePoint 2010 site just by using Office 2010 tools with no code at all.

Creating extended SharePoint 2010 themes
When your site requires more unique look and feel you can use powerful SharePoint 2010 theme engine to translate complex transformations into a simple implementation. Learn how you can re-color images used on the site to match the rest of your theme with no code at all apart from CSS. We’ll also cover how you can rollback and apply new changes to the look and feel of the site just by using out-of-the-box tools.

Essential site branding: working with masterpages
When compelling site design vision calls for structural changes on pages, SharePoint 2010 masterpage is the best mechanism to implement your vision. In this video, learn how you can apply unique site branding and style to an out-of-the-box theme site instantly transforming its look and feel as you go along.

Modifying the look and feel of site pages
Main content of your SharePoint 2010 site pages makes up for 80% of what your users are interacting with. Making that content fit in with the rest of the site branding is easier than you think. In this module, learn how you can apply branding to list views and generic page content by using SharePoint Designer 2010.

Branding out of the box web parts
Any SharePoint page your users will look at will contain several web parts. By applying branding to out-of-the-box web parts, you can ensure consistent experience on the sub-sites and pages without having to modify individual instance of those. Learn how to apply your custom look and feel to some of the most common SharePoint 2010 web parts.

Adding interaction to SharePoint pages using JavaScript
Client side interaction on your SharePoint 2010 site will make all the difference between perceiving your site as plain and static or feature rich and user friendly. In this module, we’ll take a look at how you can add additional interaction to your site using JavaScript.

Branding search pages
Do you have all of the necessary tools on the SharePoint 2010 search page to make it easier to find items and navigate around the site? Take a look at how little effort is required to make your SharePoint 2010 site more user friendly by using out-of-the-box controls and JavaScript.

Branding SharePoint publishing sites
Apart from team sites, your corporate intranet may be using SharePoint publishing infrastructure. Learn some of the key differences when it comes to branding publishing sites. In here, we’ll cover branding page layouts and page instances which use layouts.

Branding sites for multiple browsers
Do you know how your SharePoint site looks like on some of the other key browsers? Despite your best efforts, your users may have a completely different opinion on the look and feel of your site just because they are using a browser which doesn’t recognize your custom branding. Learn how you can make your site render as similar as possible in other browsers without disturbing the functionality for the rest of the users using your primary supported browser.

Using third party controls for site branding
In many cases, third party user controls will let your SharePoint site look and function better. In this module, see exactly what involved in integrating third parting user interface controls into your site and how those can be connected to the functionality available in your SharePoint site. We’ll look at using custom navigation control for your SharePoint 2010 site navigation.

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