Did you know that in the past three years, we have conducted dozens of no-cost webinars? Focus of each one has been purely on educating SharePoint users from a variety of SharePoint experiences. In the beginning, we weren’t recording these, but then we got smarter and started recording them finally a couple of years back. All of the past webinar recordings are listed on the site. We haven’t done a webinar in the past few months unfortunately and itching to get another one on schedule. If you have a good idea for a seminar, let me know. I’ll see what we can do.

The reason for this post is to make you aware of the webinar recordings that are out there on the site. No need to register or anything, just click on the link and watch the webinar. Hopefully, it is helpful to you. If not, pass on this info to someone else who you think can benefit from it. Here are some of the webinars:

Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 Team Sites – Best Practices

Presenter: Asif Rehmani

So you got your SharePoint 2010 Team Site… now what? How should you proceed to set it up? What should be the things to look out for and to not do? This session explores best practices on how to start up with your team site. Setting up your quick launch, top link bar, company/department logo, creating and setting up lists and libraries and more are discussed here. In addition, the last 20 minutes cover Q&A from attendees.

Office 365: What you need to know!

Presenter: Mark Kashman

Office 365 is the way to provide messaging, collaboration, web conferencing, document sharing and more to your organization – large and small. Simply put, it’s SharePoint 2010 in the cloud. Office 365 went Live on June 28th, 2011. This webinar focused on providing information you need to be successful making decisions regarding Office 365 . The functionality and administrative capabilities of Office 365 were demonstrated.

SharePoint Branding and User Interface Design

Presenter: Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

Compelling and user friendly interface of your SharePoint solution is one of
the key factors in successful adoption of your intranet or internet site. This
webinar gives you a solid understanding of how you can improve user interface and brand your site with visual elements you have seen online or have been provided by a professional design team.

Using SharePoint Designer 2010 in the Real World

Presenter: Asif Rehmani

This session provides real world use cases and guidance that covers when it is safe to let your site administrators use SharePoint Designer 2010 (and also when it’s not safe). In addition, we will discuss the different level of
privileges that should be granted to different groups of people in your

Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010, Visio 2010 and InfoPath 2010

Presenter: Asif Rehmani

SharePoint Designer 2010, which is a free application, is “The Preferred”
tool to design powerful no-code solutions and applications in SharePoint 2010. In this video, you will get a broad overview of the capabilities of the tool, from site customizations such as modifying Site Metadata, managing Site Security, or creating Site Content, to building List or Site based Workflows and connecting to a variety of Data Sources. You will also learn about the new user experience components such as the Ribbon and Summary Pages in SharePoint
Designer 2010.

Augmenting SharePoint Designer Workflows with Visual Studio 2010

Presenter: Andrew Connell

Generally the best story for creating custom workflows in SharePoint 2010 is to stick with the declarative and most productive option: use SharePoint
Designer 2010. However there are situations when SharePoint Designer cannot achieve some business requirements. One common example is when you need to implement some sort of a loop. In this session, you’ll see what’s involved in creating a custom activity (action) in Visual Studio 2010 and deploy it to SharePoint so it can be used in SharePoint Designer based workflows.

Leveraging Business Connectivity Services

Presenter: Raymond Mitchell

Business Connectivity Services allows you to both read from and write data
back to your external systems! BCS allows you to surface your external data in SharePoint AND inside of Office applications, meaning your data is that much more accessible! One of the big stumbling blocks in getting started with the BDC was the lack of tooling support from Microsoft. With BCS, both SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 have first-class support for building solutions with the BCS. What’s even better, many common scenarios can be handled with just SharePoint Designer 2010, without needing a developer or Visual Studio.

Effectively Leveraging Project 2010 with SharePoint 2010 for Project Management Success

Presenter: Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft Project is a project management tool widely used by project
managers today. Its’ ability to support project managers to define a schedule, assign resources to tasks and track project status has been instrumental in contributing to project success. However, it can be a challenge for a project manager to share project information and collaborate with the project team with Microsoft Project alone. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 can complement Microsoft Project 2010 and address this gap.

Project Management using SharePoint 2010

Presenter: Eric Eaton

Nearly every organization already uses SharePoint at some level for simple things like document management, but many times all of the other things SharePoint does really well go unused. This webinar shows how to leverage features like discussion boards, task lists, shared calendars, roll-up web parts and more to manage most or all of your projects in one place! We discuss ways for providing self-serve status updates that automatically roll-up to the summary pages per each project (and even across all of your projects).

Q&A Panel with SharePoint Experts

Presenters: Richard Wixom, Russell Wright, Eric Eaton, Asif Rehmani

In this webinar, demonstrations and discussions were conducted by the panelists. Some of the topics talked about in the panel: SharePoint Calendar sharing SharePoint Designer in Production Data View web part Using PowerShell to list all SharePoint sites and subsites Printing of SharePoint list data Downloading more than one file at a time without a 3rd party add-on Checking permissions for a user InfoPath 2010 resources and more.

In addition to the webinars mentioned above, there are even more webinar recordings available on the site.

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