Book Released – SharePoint 2013 First Look for Power Users

My book titled SharePoint 2013 – First Look for Power Users was released this Monday (10/15/2012). Great to see it finally in production. Currently, it’s available at the publisher’s site:

Hopefully, soon it will start showing up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple bookstores as well.

This book is designed to be a practical guide to jump start the reader’s learning about the specifics of SharePoint 2013. The focus is on Team Sites and MySite – not Publishing Sites – and specifically the visual elements of the sites. The book is filled with images and embedded videos to give the reader a complete visual understanding of what to look for in the new release and how each area operates.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of SharePoint 2013 Team Site
  • Security access management
  • Branding sites using Themes
  • Understanding SharePoint Apps
  • Managing documents in Team Sites and MySite
  • List management
  • Searching within site collection
  • Social features of SharePoint 2013

This is an enhanced eBook and will work best on eReaders with image viewing and video watching capabilities.

This book’s target audience is the Power User of SharePoint. In my opinion, a Power User is more advanced and empowered than an end user, but is not a hardcore developer or an IT administrator. Having said that, end users, developers and IT professionals can also greatly benefit from the knowledge in this book to prepare themselves for what’s coming in the next version of SharePoint. Here’s the link again for the book:

Bonus material

Purchase of this book entitles the purchaser to 1 free month of access to all of the video tutorials (covering SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007) at the site. Please email with the proof of purchase and you will be setup with your free 1 month access to the site.

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Review for book ‘Beginning SharePoint 2010’ by Wrox

Just starting out with SharePoint 2010 or even SharePoint in general? The book ‘Beginning SharePoint 2010 – Building Business Solutions with SharePoint’ is an Awesome resource to get your hands on to get you up and running quickly!


First of all, this book is written by veterans (Amanda Perran, Shane Perran, Jennifer Mason, Laura Rogers) in the SharePoint community and not just from an outsider’s perspective which helps tremendously since it has been my personal experience (teaching on SharePoint for 6 years now) that it is not the easiest thing to teach effectively.

This book starts directly by hitting on the major areas of SharePoint that a beginner should understand real well to make good use of this platform. Topics like Sites, Workspaces, Lists, Libraries, Workflows, Site Columns, Content Types, Branding and more are discussed in detail. Not only how to use these things, but in which scenarios would you want to utilize each. The business reasoning for using, for example, a particular site or list template is extremely important for the long term success of your SharePoint deployment.

Another really good thing about this book is that it can be used just as well by people who already understand the fundamentals and now want to dive deeper into advanced topics like Records Management, Business Connectivity Services, Forms Server, Search management and of course the understanding of implementing a plan for governing the whole thing. Once you go through these topics in this book, then you get a better understanding for how these pieces all fit together on the platform. However, if you do want a deeper dive on each of these topics, I would recommend picking up a book which covers just that subject.

One more thing I would like to mention is the inclusion of exercises in this book – a great idea in my mind for folks who learn kinesthetically (like myself). Following these exercises, you can actually experience the beauty (as well as the gotchas) of SharePoint.

My recommendation: Buy it for yourself or your end users. It’s worth the price!

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Review of Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration

Review of Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration book by Wrox publishing.


Authors: Todd Klindt, Shane Young, and Steve Caravajal

Short review:

If you are or will be in charge of administering SharePoint 2010, please don’t think twice and pick up this book. You’ll definitely need it!

Longer review:

A very critical message that unfortunately many people miss about SharePoint is that it is truly a ‘platform’. Many of the solutions that you will need on this platform are already created for you such as Sites as containers for content, Lists and Libraries, Security framework, Enterprise Search capability, Business Process management, Forms management and more. No need to recreate the wheel by creating any of these components using code. Rather ‘enhance’ what’s already there by administering and configuring it properly. This is where this book comes in. Todd, Shane and Steve do an Awesome job at hitting on all the major areas that you will need to consider when rolling out SharePoint 2010 in your organization. Use it to plan, install, configure and then maintain SharePoint 2010. 

Important areas that the book covers –

  • Architecture planning before even thinking about installation
  • Upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to 2010
  • Installation and configuration of SharePoint 2010
  • Securing SharePoint (including usage of the new Claims based authentication) and its content at various levels
  • Tour around the Central Administration
  • The backup and restore capabilities
  • Configuring Service Applications (Managed Metadata, User Profiles, Business Connectivity Services, PerformancePoint Services, and more)
  • Branding in SharePoint


I would definitely recommend buying this book. You will not regret it. Guaranteed!

Also, if you are looking for video instruction on how to accomplish many of the tasks and configuration steps in SharePoint 2010, check out SharePoint 2010 Fundamentals DVD. Let me know if you have questions.

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Free Chapter from Real World SharePoint 2010 book

Our Real World SharePoint 2010 book is finally available now. One chapter each from 22 MVPs. That’s a lot of ‘expert’ content and hopefully will be beneficial for folks looking to get deep into SharePoint 2010 (this book is also available on the Kindle).

The chapter that I wrote in the book focused on ‘Automating Business Processes using InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010’. Wrox publishing has decided to make this chapter available to download for free here. Enjoy!

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