Publishing InfoPath 2010 form to a Form Library – video tutorial

An InfoPath form template can be submitted and hosted at a form library in SharePoint 2010. The net effect then is that users can fill out the form by directly going to that library and clicking on New Document. If you don’t have SharePoint Server Enterprise running, the users will be prompted to open the form in the InfoPath client application. With SharePoint Server Enterprise running (and Forms Services properly configured in Central Administration), the form will open up directly in the browser. You can read more on the licensing requirements here:

The complete InfoPath course is available here

The following video tutorial demonstrates the process of submitting InfoPath form templates to a form library:

Publish an InfoPath form to a form library in SharePoint 2010
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My Presentations at SharePoint Conference 2011

I’ll be presenting two sessions at SharePoint Conference 2011. Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and acquaintances and making some new ones there Smile. Here are my sessions:


InfoPath + SharePoint Designer + Office 365 = Forms in the Cloud!


Forms are used everywhere in SharePoint Online (Office 365) – Form Libraries, Document Libraries, Lists, Workflows and more. You can use these forms to create great looking layouts, implement conditional formatting and retrieve data from a variety of sources. Come see this session to learn the best ways to use InfoPath generated forms in the cloud. This session will demonstrate the similarities and differences between InfoPath forms within SharePoint Online as compared to SharePoint on-premises. We offer a comprehensive InfoPath training 2010 instructional video curriculum on this topic.


SharePoint Designer 2010- A Tool for End Users?


“My IT department says we are not allowed to use SharePoint Designer.” This phrase is fairly common when the topic of SharePoint Designer comes up in a training, conference setting or a consulting engagement. IT departments have concerns around deploying SharePoint Designer to end users. This session provides real world use cases and guidance that covers when it is safe to let your site administrators use SharePoint Designer 2010 (and also when it’s not safe). In addition, we will discuss the different level of privileges that should be granted to different groups of people in your organization.

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Spotlight on SharePoint Video Tutorial DVDs

Do you learn best by watching examples/demonstrations? Do you want the ability to be able to watch the videos anywhere you are regardless of presence of an internet connection? If the answers to these are yes and yes then you might find that our DVD-ROM based video tutorials are just what you need! We are dedicating this newsletter to highlight our top DVDs and provide you with some more information on what you should expect to find inside of each video tutorial package.
SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services
Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is one of the Most powerful features in SharePoint 2010. You can use BCS to easily integrate data from your external systems into your SharePoint environment. The videos in this tutorial show you how to take advantage of this functionality in your SharePoint environment. Create lists in SharePoint which show your line of business application data (such as from custom databases, SAP, PeopleSoft and more) or show that information using pre-built BCS web parts. You will also learn about how to make BCS associations to relate two different connections. All of this and a whole lot more is all taught in this video tutorial package.
Reporting Services using SharePoint 2010
The introduction of Reporting Services 2008 R2, using the SharePoint 2010 add-in with the free Report Builder 3.0 authoring tool, provides an excellent way to create powerful reports for your business needs. These video tutorials show you how to take advantage of Report Builder’s design concepts to create reusable datasets and report parts from multiple sources. Also, easily create visualizations of your data such as sparklines, databars, charts, indicators and more. The end result is transformation of live data from multiple sources into powerful and meaningful reports inserted right within your SharePoint sites.
SharePoint 2010 Fundamentals
If you need to start out with the basics of SharePoint, this is the video tutorial to pick up. However, even if you are an intermediate SharePoint user already, you are guaranteed to pick up other tricks and tips along the way. It covers topics such as customizing sites, navigation, document management, list management and more.
SharePoint Designer 2010 Fundamentals
Once you have mastered the fundamentals of SharePoint 2010, it’s time to dive into this video tutorial which will present you with all of the opportunities you have to create no-code customizations and solutions on top of SharePoint using SharePoint Designer 2010 (a free product). SharePoint Designer lets you create views of your data (fetched from lists, libraries, databases, web services and more) directly on any page within your site. In addition, you can automate processes using workflows, customize site metadata, security, list/library schema and a whole lot more.
SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows
Ready to dive deeper into all that SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow capability has to offer? Pick up this DVD for demonstrations of various opportunities you have to produce workflows in SharePoint Designer. Learn how to create list based, reusable or site workflows and what the difference is between the three. Also, you will see how to package these workflows and transport them from one site collection to another when needed.
InfoPath 2010 Fundamentals
InfoPath is ‘the recommended tool’ to create and modify forms in SharePoint. Learn how to create form library, list and workflow forms using InfoPath designer. Already have forms created using Microsoft Word or Excel? The videos in this DVD will guide you on how to migrate those forms into InfoPath. You will also see how easy it is to fetch information from your data repositories like lists, libraries and even databases into your InfoPath forms to present to your users.
Check out our complete collection of video tutorials on DVDs. Have an idea on a subject area we should consider for our next batch of DVDs? Just comments on this post or fill out our contact form to let us know and we’ll definitely consider it!

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Webinar recording on SharePoint Designer Workflows integration with InfoPath and Visio

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted a webinar on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows integration with InfoPath and Visio. The recording for this is available for free right now on our site right here:

This will remain free on the site until 8/20/2010 and then it will be returned to the subscribers only area.

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SharePoint 2010 Fundamentals DVD released!

The SharePoint 2010 Fundamentals DVD was released today. It’s packed with the core knowledge needed to start out successfully with SharePoint 2010.

The target audience for this DVD:

  • Site Administrators
  • Site Designers
  • Site Members


SharePoint topics covered include:

  • Creating SharePoint sites
  • Customizing site structure
  • Customizing navigation components
  • Setting up site security
  • Making use of the built in Lists
  • Creating custom lists
  • Understanding the document management options
  • Understanding Site Columns and Content Types
  • and more..


There is also now a complete DVD bundle available for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010.

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