Your help needed for Flood Relief in Pakistan

Here’s a fact that you may not know about: 4 million + people are currently homeless due to the extensive flash flooding in Pakistan and furthermore, things are not getting any better just yet. If you watch the images or videos of what’s happening on the ground there, it is truly a heart wrenching situation. United States has been extremely helpful in the relief effort on the ground so far which I’m sure all of us should be very proud of.

I made a special plea back in the day for Haiti crisis relief as well and I would like to make another one right now. So here’s the deal:

I have made all the videos that focus on SharePoint 2010 Lists functionality free to be viewed from now (8/20/2010) till 8/27/2010: (click on any link within this article to watch the video for it).

If you find the information in these videos helpful, then please consider making a donation (more information on this below) to help the flood victims and/or help spread the word to your friends and colleagues about how they can help contribute.

I have done some extensive background checking and chose to make my own contribution to International Rescue Committee:

Their administrative costs are the most reasonable and they have been constantly getting great ratings by major charity review organizations. Of course, the choice is yours, but at least that’s my recommendation. Hope you can help and a big Thank You in advance!


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