Is SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Right for Your Organization?

To Go to the Cloud or Not…that is the question!


Going to the cloud is not for everyone. However, the benefits in regards to costs and maintainability are very real if and when the organization does consider moving to the cloud.

There are many things to consider and questions to ask when the situation does arise. For example:

  • Are the cost savings worth it for moving our business to the cloud?
  • How secure is the cloud? Is there only a public cloud or is there a private cloud option as well?
  • Do we have to conduct all our business in the cloud or can we only move some portions and not others?
  • If a ‘Hybrid’ scenario is do-able, how will our on-premises environment communicate with the services in the cloud?
  • What exactly does ‘the cloud’ look like?


FabianHeadShotwMVP1Fabian Williams, SharePoint Architect, Microsoft MVP will be teaching “Implementing SharePoint 2013 Hybrid” class on Oct 9, 2014 – 11am to 3pm Eastern. Fabian has been speaking and consulting on this topic for a long time now and is excited to share his knowledge and experience.

The course, which targets ITPros, Business Managers and Technical Decision Makers (TDMs) goes into the How, What and Why of doing Hybrid. The course content goes into great detail about what one should know BEFORE embarking on this task, and what one needs to have in preparation for this venture. Then Fabian will show the actual implementation of hybrid services and discuss live with class participants the pros and cons of the various scenarios. The goal of the class is to help attendees understand the importance of Hybrid as we enter this era of Mobile First Cloud First where employees, customers, partners demand access to information from all form factors be it phone, tablet, desktop browser, real time and responsive.


Earlier this week, Fabian did an interview with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice (they provide expert knowledge on employee training software solutions, coverage on Tech Conferences and much more) to discuss SharePoint as it relates to these offerings, One Drive For Business, Yammer and BCS.

Listen to the full article here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.51.16 PM

Class Details:

Implementing SharePoint Hybrid for Search, Business Connectivity Services, OneDrive for Business and Yammer

Thursday, October 9, 2014

11am to 3pm Eastern


Course Outline:

  • What is Hybrid?
  • What you need to know before you embark on Hybrid
  • Configure your On Premises SharePoint
  • Configuring your Office 365 SharePoint Farm
  • What Service Applications may be consumed in Hybrid
  • OneDrive for Business and Hybrid
  • Yammer for the Enterprise and Hybrid
  • and much more…

In addition to the live class and Q&A, students also receive the following: FREE 30 days access to (890+ video tutorials currently), Plus a complete recording of this class and PowerShell scripts for configuring on-premises and cloud environments

Hope you can join us in this class. Learn More


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Online Class – Building SharePoint 2013 Apps – on Nov 12, 2013

SharePoint MVP Yaroslav Pentsarskyy will be teaching the Apps class on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 titled:

Building Robust SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps for productivity and profit

This is promising to be an Awesome class to teach developers how to build SharePoint 2013 Apps and sell them through the SharePoint App store.

Topics covered are:

  • SharePoint 2013 Apps development model
  • Tools, environment and deployment options for Apps
  • Main components of SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps
  • Deploying lists and libraries with Apps
  • Migrating your web parts as Apps
  • Submitting your App in SharePoint 2013 App store
  • and much more…


Also, a bunch of pre-built App projects will be given away by Yaroslav:

  • List Provisioning App
  • Image Slider App
  • Extended Images Slider App
  • App Branding Project


Check out the quick video below which talks further about what the class will cover.

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SharePoint 2013 Themes engine

In SharePoint 2010, we are able to use any of the pre-built Themes or customize any of them using just the browser. If that was not enough , we are able to use either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Theme Builder to create new .thmx files that could then be uploaded to the Theme gallery by the site collection administrator and made available for site owners and designers to use on their sites.

The whole theming engine has changed and been reworked in SharePoint 2013. Everything is based on HTML instead of any proprietary format. The image below shows the actual Theme Gallery which is filled with font and color palette files.

Theme gallery

As a result of this change in direction for theme building, you are no longer able to use Word, PowerPoint or Theme Builder to create new Themes.

Themes are only modifiable using the internet browser (aside from programmatic methods of course, which we will not be discussing here). Fourteen HTML 5 based Themes are available out-of-the-box to be used as needed. When designing a theme in the browser, you can pick any of the provided Themes as a starter template then design a much richer customized theme by choosing the fonts, color palette and your own background image.

Available Themes

The video tutorial below shows the whole process at work:

* More SharePoint 2013 videos available here.

SharePoint 2013 Themes
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