Finally, the No-Code SharePoint Solution You’ve Been Dreaming Of

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can you as a SharePoint power-user, or even as a developer, make some really powerful solutions without the use of programming or coding?” Then you’re luck. Asif Rehmani, VisualSP founder and CEO, has been teaching on these topics for many years. At the 2015 SPTechCon in Austin this February, Rehmani will present two sessions related to no-code development in SharePoint.


  • 8:30 – 9:45 am: “Create Powerful No-Code SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows in Office 365 and On-Premise”
  • 12:00 – 1:15 pm: “No-Code Solution Creation Options for Non-Developers in SharePoint 2013”




SharePoint is such a robust program capable of solving many different kinds of problems— which has both benefits and a drawbacks. Power users and SharePoint developers appreciate the program’s wide capabilities, but typical users may be daunted by the options presented to them.

SharePoint for Non-Programmers

That’s where Rehmani’s presentations come in. He understands that not all SharePoint users are developers or know how to code. But, as a SharePoint Server MVP, he knows that SharePoint can solve many business problems, even without knowing how to code. So long as an end user grasps the basic building blocks of SharePoint, “those building blocks can be put together nicely without extreme programming or Visual Studio, to make some really powerful solutions for your group, for your team, for yourself.”

Rehmani and his team want to ensure that SharePoint becomes and remains a valuable investment for the businesses that choose to use it. For example, companies could use it to seamlessly integrate their marketing automation software with their CRM. But instead, too many businesses allow SharePoint to become “shelfware” because they’re too frustrated by its intricacies.

That’s why Rehmani’s company, VisualSP, provides “help system software which plugs into SharePoint,” among a number of other helpful products and resources. VisualSP will also have a booth presence at SPTechCon this year. Attendees are welcome to stop by learn more about the company’s offerings, take a demo of their SharePoint Help System (a one-of-a-kind platform that installs as a HelpTab directly in the SharePoint ribbon providing in-context, on-demand help for end users), and get their badge scanned for a chance to win great prizes (including a new HDTV). Beyond that, interested parties are encouraged to learn more about the ways that their company (formerly known as SharePoint Videos) “empowers, educates, supports, and trains” a wide variety of SharePoint users.

To learn more, listen to the embedded TechnologyAdvice interview.






This interview was provided by TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that connects buyers and sellers of business technology through meaningful relationships. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.

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Asif’s interview with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice




SPTechCon is just 2 months away, but the excitement has already started building…

In this interview, Clark Buckner from TechnologyAdvice and Asif Rehmani from talk “SharePoint”…and discuss the exciting things to come at the upcoming SPTechCon.

Buckner and Rehmani talk about how things have shifted within SharePoint over the past decade. They talk about where SharePoint is today, and what we can expect of SharePoint in the future. They speak about current challenges and opportunities.

One specific challenge they discuss is the lack of “help” and guidance currently provided within the SharePoint platform. And, because SharePoint provides so many opportunities, it can actually become mind-boggling for end users…people tend to wander and it becomes difficult for users to really understand what to do, and how to do it “right”. tries to solve this problem with their signature product, VisualSP which provides in-context “help” delivered via the SharePoint ribbon.

The also talk about what attendees can expect from the SPTechCon show and why would one want to attend.

Rehmani states, “At SPTechCon you are swimming in the ocean of SharePoint with the folks who are using it, the folks who are writing about it, and the folks who are developing it…Being in that ocean and drinking from this pool of resources is amazing. I get that feeling every time I attend SPTechCon and that’s why I continue to do it”

Listen to the full interview:

See Clark Buckner’s full Calendar of Events



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SPTechCon coming to San Francisco on Apr 22-25, 2014

I have been going to, and mostly speaking at, SPTechCon‘s for a bunch of years now and I have to stay that I’m pretty biased towards the conference. Aside from Microsoft’s own SharePoint Conference, this is definitely the biggest conference attracting the best speaker talent from across the world.

A few weeks ago, I made a quick walkthrough of the SPTechCon site and highlighted a few things. If interested, check it out:


The question of ‘why SPTechCon when it’s so close to SPC’ has come up more than once in my conversations as well. Ted Bahr from SPTechCon explains it brilliantly here and I agree with him:

You can still regsister by Feb 7 and get $500 off your full conference pass PLUS a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Use code ‘AMZGIFT‘ and sign up today.

PS. I believe if you use my last name REHMANI as a code, you might be able to get an additional $100 off. Not completely sure about this, but if you do try it and succeed, let me know 😉

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