Webinar recording on SharePoint Designer Workflows integration with InfoPath and Visio

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted a webinar on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows integration with InfoPath and Visio. The recording for this is available for free right now on our site right here:


This will remain free on the site until 8/20/2010 and then it will be returned to the subscribers only area.

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Webinar on SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows integration with InfoPath and Visio

Our next webinar is set to be held on Thursday, July 29th 3-4pm Eastern. Hope you can join us. Registration link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/737138753

Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010, InfoPath and Visio
Skill Level – 200 (Intermediate)

Forms and Workflows are important for automating business processes. Companies usually rely on programmers to create the forms and workflows using code. Not anymore! With InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create powerful data driven form composite solutions on your SharePoint sites. InfoPath gives you the ability to pull data from databases and lists, and create forms with data validation and conditional formatting. SharePoint Designer’s workflows let you then design powerful multi-step workflows centered around the form collected data, building upon the out-of-the-box reusable workflows and even import workflow designs from Visio!  In this presentation, you will see how these tools come together to design workflows and route forms across your organization for task assignment and approval.

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