How we plan to serve You better in 2012!

SharePoint is not a typical Microsoft product. Do you agree? What I mean to say is that it’s not like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. which you can learn by trial and error (quite the contrary: there could be severe penalties you will pay for errors or not following best practices when working with or building solutions on SharePoint). In fact, it’s not a product at all – it’s a platform, like Windows, on which you can build the solutions and applications You need!

One major advantage of SharePoint: You can build almost anything you want to build without using programming since we now have tools and built in services such as SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Access Services, Reporting Services, Term Store, automating processes using SharePoint Designer Workflows, Branding sites and much much more.

Our main goal has been and continues to be to support SharePoint end users, designers, developers, administrators and also SharePoint consultants worldwide through the following services we offer:

We are hoping to enhance our services even further this year by committing to the following:

  1. Adding Lots of new videos to the site (current video count is 348) – plans are to still keep releasing at least a couple of new videos every other week
  2. Enhancing the site functionality with better filtering and sorting of videos as our collection grows
  3. Hiring new personnel to support our site subscribers and visitors
  4. Adding additional benefits for being a subscriber to
  5. Continue to provide no-cost webinars that will enhance your knowledge of areas within SharePoint

Want to chat about how we can help you? Send me an email directly and we can chat through email or phone to see how/if we can help you. If not, I’ll refer you to another company or provider who can help.

Looking forward to year 2012! Best wishes to you in all your endeavors!

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Download SharePoint Server 2010 Beta

There are two versions of SharePoint Server 2010 beta available to the public:

SharePoint Server 2010 (Enterprise Client Access License features)

For organizations looking to expand their business collaboration platform to enable advanced scenarios. Use the Enterprise capabilities of SharePoint to fully interoperate with external line-of-business applications, web services, and Microsoft Office client applications; make better decisions with rich data visualization, dashboards, and advanced analytics; and build robust forms and workflow-based solutions.

SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Enterprise

For organizations looking to create customer-facing public internet sites and private extranets using the full enterprise capabilities of SharePoint. This provides full SharePoint Enterprise functionality and no other technical limits.

Download either of them from here:


Keep in mind that you need a 64 bit environment to install SharePoint 2010 on. Check out my earlier post for the link to hardware requirements or choices for running it in a virtual environment.

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Promote and recommend SharePoint content

So where do you currently go to look for pointers on various SharePoint content…? There are so many sites which claim to provide links to “good” SharePoint content that it’s hard to keep count. Why not have a central place where users can recommend various content on functionality related to SharePoint Products and Technologies and then other users can recommend that content if they find it useful… Kinda like how currently does it.

Well, this concept is now a reality! was launched a few days ago and it contains community driven content recommendations. It doesn’t have much out there yet, but it’s growing steadily. You can be a part of it as well and submit or recommend content. It’s as simple as signing up on the site. Here’s a snapshot of how it currently looks:

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