This week at TechEd, I had the pleasure to present two sessions. The first one had the attendance of 175 and the next one was 225. I had a great time doing them and if you were one of the people present at the session, I hope you had a good time watching the awesome power of SharePoint Designer and InfoPath at work.

I mentioned in my sessions that I’ll be posting the demos of both of my sessions as screencasts on my site. What happened in LA (at TechEd) will not stay in LA ;-). So here they are. Below you will find the links to the screencasts for to both of my sessions.

Note: These screencasts will stay public for 30 days after which they will be moved to Subscribers Only area.

Top Five Ways to Make You a Hero with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

Use the Data View web part in SharePoint Designer to manage multiple list content. Connect information from one list to another, pass parameters and edit data back in the data source. Then learn how to attach a workflow to the Data View to automate processes. Lastly, this video shows how to attach the site master page to streamline the page’s look and feel.

Automate Business Processes using InfoPath Forms with integrated SharePoint Designer Workflows

In this video, a MS Word form is first converted to an InfoPath form then the InfoPath form is enhanced with Validation, Conditional Formatting and Rules to fetch data from a SharePoint list. Subsequently, the form is published to the Forms Server in SharePoint. Lastly, a workflow is created using SharePoint Designer to automate the forms processing

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