Get started with understanding the document management features available in SharePoint 2010 by watching the free videos listed below.

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Creating a Document Library

A document library is used to store any type of a document or an artifact in SharePoint. Once the document is stored in the library, you can take actions on it such as checking it out, versioning it, putting a workflow around it and a whole lot more. This video shows the creation process of a document library and also the additional options you have at the time of creation.

Versioning settings in Document Libraries

Document libraries provide the ability to have documents with both major and minor versions. A major version is usually a document that has been published while a minor version is still in draft state and being worked upon. The draft items can be set to be invisible to readers of the site. You will see in this video how to configure versioning settings and the best methods to utilize them.

Utilize Content Types to define and organize your content

Organizations create multiple types of content. For example, in any business, you have expense reports and status reports that need to be filled out by employees. In other organizations, you might have legal contracts, marketing proposals and more. You can get a handle on all this type of content and organize and manage it throughout your organization, utilizing content types in SharePoint.

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