Usually, our webinars are 100% no-code. However, this will be a slight exception. The reason: it’s necessary for all of us to know the next step if we are unable to accomplish a task without programming.

This webinar shows what you do when the out of the box workflow activities provided by SharePoint Designer just don’t cut it. The next step is to create the activity using Visual Studio and deploy it to SharePoint so it appears in SharePoint Designer next time. Here are the details of the webinar:

Webinar Title:

Augmenting SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows with Visual Studio 2010


Andrew Connell,


Generally the best story for creating custom workflows in SharePoint 2010 is to stick with the declarative and most productive option: use SharePoint Designer 2010. However there are situations when SharePoint Designer cannot achieve some business requirements. One common example is when you need to implement some sort of a loop. In this session, you’ll see what’s involved in creating a custom activity (action) in Visual Studio 2010 and deploy it to SharePoint so it can be used in SharePoint Designer based workflows.

Andrew Connell (also known by many of us as AC) is an exceptionally talented and well respected SharePoint professional within the SharePoint community. He’s my colleague (and my boss – although he doesn’t like to be called that 😉 ) at Critical Path Training (CPT). CPT offers expert level SharePoint training by trainers whose career focus is solely around SharePoint technologies. All of the instructors speak, write, train, consult, breathe and sleep SharePoint. Check out the upcoming training schedule at CPT.

We are holding this webinar on Wednesday, 5/18/2011 at 2pm Eastern. This webinar will be hosted by You can see all the information about the webinar and sign up for it here:

Hope to ‘see’ you at the webinar!

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